All the ideas, but none of the gear? Try Upwork.

I habitually rely on reviews and recommendations for everything; hotels, restaurants, holiday destinations, backpacks, shoes, plumbers and apps. I just about draw the line at socks and go out on a limb to buy those without any prior knowledge of their ability to keep my feet warm, dry and cosy (although this might be down... Continue Reading →

The Only Thing In My Way Is Me

“There is no one for me to blame, 'cause the only thing in my way, is me” This week we came across Mandy Harvey’s original song performed on America’s Got Talent and felt compelled to share it. Given the way social media works, chances are you have seen some or all of it already… but... Continue Reading →

Small steps to bigger things

"Being positive isn't something that has always come easy to me" I studied psychology at university because I find people, and the way people think, intriguing... The confident ones, the quiet ones, the kind ones, the liars, the bad guys, but mostly the good ones. Inherently good people amaze me. The way they lead their... Continue Reading →

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