Small steps to bigger things

“Being positive isn’t something that has always come easy to me”

I studied psychology at university because I find people, and the way people think, intriguing… The confident ones, the quiet ones, the kind ones, the liars, the bad guys, but mostly the good ones.

Inherently good people amaze me. The way they lead their lives for other people, not themselves, and the positivity that they bring to everything.

Being positive isn’t something that has always come easy to me, in fact you could say that I am quite cynical. Having suffered from anxiety in the past (which I can only describe as a feeling of pure discomfort at every little thing that you encounter) I struggled to see the good in things.

That’s why when Tom called me with the idea for Aspire Me I knew I had to be involved.

Having worked on our social media pages and put messages out like “step out of your comfort zone” or be “stress free” I would have felt like a fraud if I wasn’t implementing these things into my own life too. Especially after reading all the inspiring and positive comments from our followers,  I found my whole mindset changing.

Through the process of designing this app to help people to aspire to be better, I have actually made myself better too. Along with the positivity has come a quiet confidence and sense of calm that I have not felt before, I hope that this is a good sign of how the app will work to make others feel the same!

It only takes a few small changes each day to start great change, don’t get overwhelmed trying to improve yourself. The little steps on that journey are where you learn the most.

I will be exploring more about the psychology behind positive change soon and next week Tom will be talking a little more about creating our app.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

~ Jo ~jo


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