All the ideas, but none of the gear? Try Upwork.

I habitually rely on reviews and recommendations for everything; hotels, restaurants, holiday destinations, backpacks, shoes, plumbers and apps. I just about draw the line at socks and go out on a limb to buy those without any prior knowledge of their ability to keep my feet warm, dry and cosy (although this might be down to a lack of sock review content rather than choice). I spend so much time double checking what Julie from Hampshire thinks about the washing machine or John from Brooklyn thinks about the Holiday Inn that Jo is usually asleep when “we” finally decide on a big purchase.

To give back, and potentially cure my obsession with reading reviews, I am taking up the hobby of writing them on this blog. To keep it relevant I am focusing on app reviews, though if you are interested in some of my more obscure opinions I am happy to oblige!

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Upwork – what’s that in a tweet?

A platform for bringing together freelancers looking for work and people looking to hire freelancers.

Who’s using it?

Me! I am a very happy user of the app – you will hear a bit more about that in future posts.

Beyond me, there are two broad groups on the app:

  • For hire: Graphic designers, branding experts, voiceover artists, animators and application developers
  • Hiring: Agencies, business owners, marketing department executives and independent idea chancers (me again!)

What does it have to offer?

  • Matching and Hiring – fill out a project description, give a budget and you’re off. I had 12 applicants within a few hours and narrowed that down to a handful the next day by reading their reviews and previous work.
  • Working tools – you can share documents, drawings, screenshots and chat right in the app itself. I started on the website but seamlessly moved to the app when I was out and about.
  • Payment and contracts – Thanks to pre-arranged agreements, guidance on structuring your projects and in-house payment mechanisms; Upwork provides peace of mind. It’s easy to use and you can make an idea into a business all without leaving the app.

Any downsides?

Some of the responses to my job felt “spammy”; some people respond with cut and paste messages which were frustrating – but it did mean I quickly cut down my potential future team mates!

Why should you use it?

As someone with an idea but limited experience actually executing that idea, Upwork is awesome. The platform is incredibly flexible and doesn’t force you to advertise, hire or work in a specific way so if you know what you’re doing you can get down to business. However, if you are new to this sort of thing it provides tonnes of guides from how to describe your project down to how to decide between freelancer applicants.

 Overall rating out of 5?

    pineapple goldpineapple goldpineapple goldpineapple goldpineapple


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